Saturday, May 23
10:30am - 1:30pm EST

Sliding Scale $5 - $15

Zoom video link will be sent out 15 minutes prior to event


Introducing WiS in the age of social distancing. Join us virtually for a voice and movement workshop led by musician and performer Becca Kauffman. The workshop will incorporate vocal techniques, visualization, drone, and movement experiments to heighten body awareness and carve out vast interior space in this current moment of external enclosure.


Integrating elements of Qi Gong, pranayama, Meredith Monk vocal warmups and music healing techniques from new age composer Kay Gardner, we will use voice-generated resonance and vibration to expand from the inside out and enliven the cells. We will learn new tools for breaking up energetic blockages and finding psychic and physiological spaciousness. We will conclude with a simulated club experience, i.e. a guided dance party.


This workshop is suitable for all levels and will include a short recess.



Instructor Bio


Becca Kauffman is a performance artist based in New York City with a lifelong involvement in theater, voice, movement and creative expression. Before working primarily via the socially mediated persona known as Jennifer Vanilla, she was a member of the Brooklyn art pop band Ava Luna for the better part of the 2010's. Through Jennifer Vanilla, she experiments with identity exploration, world building, humorous gesture and emotional representation as therapeutic offering. She'll begin pursuing an MFA in Art and Social Practice at Portland State University this Fall.

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