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Sunday, March 9
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Sliding Scale $5 - $20

The Woods
1826 Palmetto St.

Ridgewood, NY



Using our voices and bodies, we will gather on International Women’s Day to explore the relationship between somatic and collective learning. Led by sound and movement artist Melodie Stancato, this workshop will investigate the processes of listening and witnessing as tools for both communal and self care.


The group will begin by performing Pauline Oliveros’ Tuning Meditation. This vocal meditation is an exercise in connection through deep listening. It explores the boundaries between singing and listening—where one voice ends, another begins. 


For the latter half of the workshop, we will engage in improvised vocalizations and movement called Authentic Voice and Movement. This practice allows for free association with the body and voice. Working in pairs, participants will alternate between witnessing and sharing. Together we will cultivate a space of communal reflection, healing and celebration.


No prior experience in singing or movement required. Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring a notebook and pencil.



Instructor Bio


Melodie Stancato is a sound & movement artist based in Brooklyn. Her research focuses on the symbiotic relationship between self-care and artistry. Melodie explores ways to learn and heal through the body, documenting these practices in video, writing, and performance. She co-runs Otion Front Studio in Bushwick which houses rehearsals, performances, workshops, and artist residencies for those who are working at the intersection of movement, sound, and performance art.


Thank you to The Woods for generously hosting this event.

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