Philosophy of Audio Production with Rosana Cabán
Philosophy of Audio Production with Rosana Cabán

Explorations in Plunderphonics with Kate Siefker
Explorations in Plunderphonics with Kate Siefker

Photo by Ada Reso
Photo by Ada Reso

Philosophy of Audio Production with Rosana Cabán
Philosophy of Audio Production with Rosana Cabán



Electronic Music Compilation

Women in Sound proudly presents a compilation of electronic music developed under the guidance of sound artist and educator Zeynep Özcan.

These tracks were created as part of the final showcase for our Composing Electronic Music course and inspired by techniques in musique concrète, soundscapes, microsound, and sonic narratives.


Voice Fugue, Kimberly Buikema

Untitled, Bobbi Vaughan

Undead, Kygomei

Landscape for Lost Attempts, Monique Todd

Cloud Drama, Izzy Commers

Gargantua / Pantagruel / Interrupted, Kelly Tsai

A Day with Autism, Katie Semro

Hand Hollow, Jacqui Cornetta

Winter Etudes, Kristen Sonntag

Waking, Sherina Ong

Interviews with Friends, Anjali Nair

It Will Not Be Longer, Emily Saltz

Stream Me, Hexe.exe

Toxins, Stepfanie

Silence Resignation So Much, Megan Gette

Published May 7, 2021

Kick your shoes off and transport yourself around the globe with part two of Wet Jazz selection by artist Maisie Broome aka MYFAWNWY:


Evening Colours, Laurence Vanay 1975

Bikini Atoll, Grace Slick 1984

Doce Vampiro, Rita Lee 1979

Intrigue, Marianne Faithfull 1981

Hammond Song, The Roches 1979

András, Márta Sebestyén 1996

Kungo Sogoni, Nahawa Doumbia 2011 (re-release, original recording date unknown)

I'm on Top, Otha 2018

Huos Haenuy Bong (It's too Late), Poev Vanary 2014 (re-release, original recording date unknown)

She Talks to Rainbows, Ronnie Spector 2015

I Wouldn't Dream Of It, Joyce Heath 1961

I Love You So, Sonya Spence 1978

Take Me With You, Lyn Christopher 1973

The Lie Of Love, Cristina 1984

Me Her, Christine Bougie 2019

Published April 24, 2020

To help you relax / feel inspired / block out the din of quarantine-mates, here's the first of two dreamy playlists courtesy of artist Maisie Broome aka MYFAWNWY.


Enjoy this selection of Maisie's favorites from Wet Jazz, her weekly radio show celebrating obscure and under-recognized women-identifying musicians from around the world. You can hear it live at 8pm every Thursday on KPISS.FM.



Smoke Machine, Dear Reader 2018

You're the One, Yoko Ono 1984

Sun in My Eyes, Sally Oldfield 1978

Moonlight Shadow, Annie Haslam 1989

Move Your Body Close to Me, Dana Gillespie 1988

Dance of Eagle, Sainkho Namtchylak 2000

Facades, Barbara Morgenstern and Julia Kent 2015

Patterns, Suse Millemann 2018 (re-recording of original from 1991)

Ancora Tu, Róisín Murphy 2014

Ayrilik Olsa Bile, Esmeray 1974

The Magic, Joan As Police Woman, 2011

Woman Is a Word, Empress Of 2016

Afro Blue, Melanie De Biasio 2017

Les copains (d'Anne Laplantine), Anne Laplantine 2013

Dous, Yasmine Hamdan, 2017

Published April 17, 2020

Tuning Meditation 2020March 08, 2020
00:00 / 01:04

Recorded on March 8, 2020 in honor of International Women’s Day.

As an annual WiS tradition, community members sang Pauline Oliveros' Tuning Meditation.

Led by sound and movement artist Melodie Stancato.

Tuning MeditationMarch 08, 2019
00:00 / 15:31

Recorded on March 8, 2019 in honor of International Women’s Day. Musician Cassandra Jenkins led WiS community members in a Tuning Meditation by composer Pauline Oliveros.