Sunday, December 15
3:00pm - 6:00pm


The Windjammer
552 Grandview Ave,

Ridgewood, NY



To celebrate Women in Sound’s first birthday, we’ve invited vocalist and electronic musician Dafna Naphtali to lead a special workshop for those who want to learn new music practices using their voices and electronics.

We will start with basic vocal and body warm-ups, followed by an exploration of the kinds of sounds we can make with our voices using extended techniques. We’ll then alter those sounds using microphones, delays, filters and other electronic processing methods. Together, we will create musical compositions through improvisation using physical gestures with smartphones and other tools (including voice activation) to control rhythm, tempo, melody and vocal processing. Dafna will discuss the general parameters of electronic and electroacoustic sounds for any live performance situation.

Suitable for singers and non-singers alike. Basic equipment will be provided and participants are encouraged to bring their own gear.



Instructor Bio


Dafna Naphtali is a vocalist, electronic musician, sound artist and active performer. She has taught electronic music, Max/MSP programming and music technology for over 20 years. She currently teaches at New York University and The New School, and also runs several electronic music and performance ensembles.

Dafna holds a Masters in Music Technology from NYU, BM Jazz Voice NYU, and is certified in CCM/Somatic Voicework by Jeannie Lovetri.


Light refreshments will be provided.

Capacity: 12


Thank you to The Windjammer for generously hosting this event.

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