Sunday, November 17
2:00pm - 6:00pm


The Windjammer
552 Grandview Ave,

Ridgewood, NY



Mixing is the process of fine-tuning individual music tracks, balancing them and creating space in the “mix”. In this 4-hour workshop, participants will deepen their understanding of mixing through listening and hands-on practice with Ableton Live. Composer and artist Lee Gilboa will give you a grounding in the fundamentals of mixing and how to apply them to your own musical style.


Topics the class will cover:

  • What is a mix?

  • Levels & Panning

  • EQ & Compression

  • Creative processing & breaking the rules

  • Listening & analysis of various contemporary artists 


The workshop is suitable for those with a basic working knowledge of audio editing software.



Instructor Bio


Lee Gilboa is an Israeli composer, artist and audio engineer. In her work she uses speech, audio spatialization and vocal processing in order to address themes such as identity, gender, naming and objectification. Lee is co-curating CT::SWaM's ExChange series with Daniel Neumann and presented work in venues such as The Cube at Virginia Tech, Fridman Gallery, The Immersion Room, Fourth World Festival, The Honk Tweet, Spectrum and Resonance FM Radio among others. Lee’s debut album, The Possibility of Sonic Portraiture, was released by Contour Editions during the summer of 2019. She completed her BM at Berklee College of Music, her MFA at Columbia University and is a current Ph.D. candidate at Brown University's Music and Multimedia Composition program.


  • Laptop with Ableton Live (a free trial version is available here,  and we can also help extend your trial)

  • Headphones

If you do not have access to this equipment and would like to participate, please reach out to us.

Light refreshments will be provided.


Thank you to The Windjammer for generously hosting this event.

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